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A modern twist on the classic arcade shooter. Fast-paced retro space blaster with weapon powerups, alien attack waves and chaotic boss fights.

Test your speed, dexterity and composure as you punch and kick your way through the ninja ranks. Will you reach the elusive FIRE belt?

Quickly improve your geography skills with this fun and challenging set of games to test your knowlege of capitals, flags and maps.

60 seconds to flick the letters and find the words. High value letters give you more points, longer words give you extra time. Clear the grid for a huge time boost.

As easy as A-B-C. Type the alphabet, from A to Z, as fast as you possibly can. Sounds simple, but the world record is under THREE seconds!

Quickly and easily create workouts and keep track of your progress while in the gym. Easy-to-use interface with graphs and charts to analyse your fitness improvements over time.


Chaos Influx



Finga Ninja



Geo Wiz






Alpha Blitz



Fit Zapp